Welcome to Linden Lodge, a family run kennels and cattery situated just outside Hailsham, East Sussex in the stunning Sussex countryside.


The kennels have built up a good reputation over the 35+ years they have been in existence and since taking over the business in 2015  we have worked hard to build on that reputation. We have made significant investments into improving facilities even further - resulting in us recently being awarded our 'Five star' kennels rating from Wealden district council (in accordance with DEFRA policy),


The health and safety of the animals are paramount, we understand that your cat or dog is part of your family and we aim to make their stay as pleasurable and stress free as possible.


Relaxing, Friendly Kennels & Cattery

Our kennels and cattery are situated in an idyllic woodland setting only about half a mile off the main A22 Eastbourne to London road, the beautiful trees affording shade during the heat of summer.


We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the kennels, cattery and exercise areas.

Dogs are let out and played with individually several times a day in one of our seven  play areas or in the grassy paddock.

There are an abundance of toys available, plenty of treats and TLC are provided as standard!.

Changes from 1st April 2022

We will be implementing some changes from the 1st April 2022, these have been displayed on the relevant pages, however we have always prided ourselves on our customer service and transparency and so the key details along with explanations are shown below:

The last couple of years, due to COVID, have been very tough for kennel and cattery owners (as for many businesses). We are aware of many that have taken the decision to close. Despite remaining open through all lockdowns, we had virtually no customers. Once the UK started to open up, and travel allowed, Julie and I have worked extremely hard to take bookings, change bookings, cancel bookings, rearrange bookings, etc. we are fully aware that many other kennel and cattery owners started to charge an admin fee as it has more than doubled our workload. We decided not to implement an admin fee, but we are bringing in some changes so that we are not out of pocket when we lose a booking.

Some of you will be aware that we were having to turn custom away as we were full and it has been very upsetting each time someone has cancelled, albeit not their fault, as we have lost out. Some customers did not even bother to tell us they no longer required our services, leaving no time at all to even try to fill the kennel or cabin!!

We are confident that this year, travel arrangements will be more stable and hopefully everyone can be better prepared for their days away. But, as a business, we cannot afford to receive no recompense should your plans change as we have likely turned away custom.


We have had to increase our prices. From 1st April 2022 they will go up between 5% and 10%. Despite all the fuel and other increases happening at the moment, we have decided not to increase our prices for the remainder of this financial year, but we must start to recoup some of our pandemic losses at some stage.

We are still extremely competitive when compared with other licensed boarding kennels and catteries in the area, and we are proud of the fact that our facilities and experienced staff are of the highest quality, but it all comes at a cost nowadays and we have no choice but to pass some of that on to our customers.

We have decided to simplify our charges for dog boarding...

All boarding dogs will be charged the same rate of £20.00 per night. The exception being Toy breeds at £18.50 and extra-large breeds at £21.50. Dogs from the same family sharing will continue to receive a discount

Toy dogs are Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and other toy breeds. If your dog is currently being charged at our old ‘small’ dog rate, they will remain on the new Toy dog rate.

Extra-large breeds are Great Danes, Wolf Hounds, large Mastiff breeds, etc.


We have always reserved the right to charge deposits but have chosen to rarely enforce them. We had so many ‘no shows’ in 2021, and very late cancellations that we will be unable to sustain our business if we continue to work this way, so for all bookings from 1st April 2022 we will take small non-refundable deposits of £25.00 per kennel or cat cabin. (The deposit may be refundable or transferable if notice of over 28 days is given)

In the New Year, we will be contacting everyone who has already made a booking for a period after 1st April 2022 and requesting a deposit to secure it

Minimum stay rate

We have always taken short term bookings during peak season which has meant that sometimes we were unable to take longer ones. But besides that, it’s not actually cost effective for us to have single occupancy one-night bookings as we only charge a single nightly rate. (Many kennels charge by the day which means you pay double for a one-night stay).

We thought that the fairest way to deal with short term bookings was to make a minimum charge, so you are still able to board you dog or cat for one night but, we are making a small profit rather than a loss.

Early departures

When a pet is collected early, we have usually not charged for the days booked but not taken. From 1st April 22 we will be requiring payment to be made when your pet is dropped off for the full period. You are still welcome to pick them up early if your circumstances allow, but you will be liable for all the nights that have been booked and no refund will be given.

John, Lynne & the Team

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