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Terms and Conditions

Recent changes to our terms and conditions are shown in red



The welfare of your Pet(s) is paramount to our business so we would ask you to take time to read the following Terms and Conditions. You will be requested to sign as read prior to boarding your pets with us.



We are fully licensed and inspected by Wealden district council but please do come and view before booking and talk to us about your requirements. We usually book viewings between 12.15 and 12.30, after we close to customers.



Payment is made by card, or cash when you bring your pet / pets in.


​Early departures

Early departures from the pre-arranged day of collection may be possible but you will be charged for the whole period booked.



A non-refundable deposit per kennel or cat cabin is required on every booking and must be paid within 7 days of a booking being made.

Deposits may be refundable or transferable if notice of over 28 days is given)

Appointment system

We operate an allocated time slot appointment system between our opening hours

Health and Behaviour

We reserve the right to refuse boarding to any pet that causes concern due to aggressive behaviour or ill health when arriving at the kennels and Cattery.


We will request your Vets details on acceptance so that we may contact them in case of your pet becoming ill during its stay.

If for any reason we cannot contact your vet we will ask our vet to treat your pet. All costs will be payable upon collection of your pet(s).


Vaccinations & Health

All dogs must be fully inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months.


Cats must be fully inoculated against Feline leukaemia, Feline infectious enteritis, Feline viral rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus) and Feline calicivirus, and must have had a booster injection with the previous twelve months.


The Animal Welfare (Licensing of activities involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2019 requires that a current vaccination certificate must accompany every boarder on the day of its arrival; any boarder without a vaccination certificate will be refused boarding.


Kennel Cough Vaccinations

All our dog guests must be covered by current Kennel Cough vaccinations, click here for Kennel cough information.



Everything your cat or dog requires for his/her stay at Linden Lodge is provided. If you want to bring toys, please do not bring anything precious or anything you would not want to lose. The kennels are cleaned out every day and toys are easily lost when the bedding is changed. 


If you wish to bring some bedding or familiar items please do but only bring reasonable quantities – we can be overwhelmed on occasion.  Any belongings you bring are at your own risk.



If any animal is not collected within 7 days after the original departure date, without having been contacted by the owner, Linden Lodge Kennels & Cattery reserves the right to assume ownership of the animal and sell or otherwise dispose of it at the boarding kennel owners discretion. 


The owner will be responsible for any costs incurred in doing this. 

Any unpaid fees will still be due and will be pursued.


Privacy Policy

We have revised our privacy policy to ensure that we comply with the new GDPR regulations, click HERE to view it.

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