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XL Bully policy

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From 31st December 2023 all XL bully dogs must be on a lead and muzzled in public places.

From 1st February 2024 it will be illegal to own an XL Bully

unless they are registered on an exemption list and insured.

We recomend that owners visit the helpful website:

It has a wealth of information relating to XL Bully Dogs as well as a growing list of Kennels that are licensed to look after them.


Linden Lodge does not endorse the Kennels listed

and provide the information on the understanding that you will undertake your own checks

We have thought long and hard about our position when it comes to boarding XL bully dogs.

We have many who come to us already who are perfectly well behaved, lovely dogs and we are happy to continue to look after them.


We have therefore decided that we will continue to board XL bully dogs and will review the situation on an annual basis.

Our insurance company have agreed that our kennels meet the security requirements and they will insure us to take dogs which are on the banned list.

There is an additional premium to pay and we have to comply with the restrictions they have set:


  • Only a senior experienced member of staff or the kennel owner can look after them.

  • They are kenneled and exercised on their own.

  • If there are two XL bullys from the same household (or one XL bully and another breed who live together in the same household) they must be kenneled and exercised separately.

  • We need to see their exemption certificate and insurance.

  • New customers will have to provide proof of ID including address.

  • Any exempted XL Bully that is new to us will have to pass an overnight trial so that we can assess their ability to be boarded with us (this will include being able to put a muzzle on and off and that they are manageable on the lead).

We will have to charge an additional premium on top of our usual daily rate owing to the extra insurance we have to take out and the staffing levels that legislation states we must have in place.

The maximum length of time we can board them for is 30 days in any one year period and we have also made the decision to take a maximum of 3 XL bullys at any one time.

If we think a dog could be an XL bully but it is not on the exemption register we will require proof of the breed before considering an overnight trial.


If we are not satisfied of its breed, please do not be offended, but we will not be able to board the dog – we are simply following legislation and protecting the rest of the pets within our care and our team.

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