Boarding Tariff

All charges per night and are inclusive of VAT (If you have multiple animals sharing discounts may apply).

Loyalty Scheme

From the 1st April 2022, please ask for a loyalty card, which you should show after each stay. We will endorse it and when applicable, start to apply the given discount.

After 14 nights of boarding (they do not have to be in one block!) discounts will be given to all customers holding our loyalty card. The discount will start at 5% and increase for every subsequent 14 nights of boarding (up to a maximum discount of 20% can be achieved). This is designed to reward and benefit our regular users over the period of a year.



Minimum stay rate

From the 1st April 2022 - Regardless of the size or category of your pet there will be a minimum stay rate of £50.00 per kennel or cat cabin from the 1st April (or the Easter holidays, whichever comes first) to the 31st October and also for Xmas and New Year.

For all other times the minimum stay rate is £25.00.

Prices For Bookings After 1st April 2022
Small - Toy breeds, Cavaliers, Bichons, Dachshunds, Jack Russells
Medium & Large - Collies, Labs, Retrievers, Spaniels, Staffies, Rottweilers, Doberman, G.S.D
Extra Large Dogs - Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St,Bernard, Pyrenean

VAT registration number: 255 3589 78