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Our Homely, Comfortable Cattery


Our cattery has been awarded a 'Five Star' rating from Wealden District Council.

Owing to the tendency to 'spray' and mark their territory (and the associated damage

and smell), We no longer board unneutered male cats over the age of ten months.

We have ten single cabins and two multi-occupancy cabins, they are all double glazed and

all of the cabins are heated and heat pads are also added for the cats to snuggle up on.


Each cabin is lined with wipe clean surfaces from floor to ceiling, floors are

tiled and the shelves are lined with Vetbed providing an exceptionally clean,

warm and comfortable environment.


Cats are fed once or twice a day with pouches and/or dry food as

requested and have water available as well as a dirt tray, scratch pole and other enrichment

toys and features.




Linden Lodge - Cattery Tour

Linden Lodge - Cattery Tour

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